Transferred services is the process we undergo to transfer the day to day service delivery functions to the First Nation Child Welfare Agencies to perform daily management of service activities in their respected Nations. Our transfer service agencies enter into a Service Agreement with us which lays out the obligations of both parties.

Kitapinoonjiimiinaanik Family Services

Grassy Narrows First Nation
Phone: (807) 925-2525
Kenora Office: (807) 468-8238, Market Square

This agency provides protection, prevention and caregiver services to members of Asubpeeschoseewagong Netum Anishinabek. A major event for this agency was acquiring Jordan’s Principle Funding for its High Risk youth. Many of the staff identified for this program have been hired and are now serving the children. An Anishinabek consultant with MSW credentials was hired to re-assess High Risk youth in their care.

Another activity currently in progress is the establishment of a Family Healing Centre. This Centre will provide holistic healing services for families and their children. The agency is working in collaboration with Health Canada to access capital and operational funding for the Centre. The hiring of staff is targeted to take place in the Spring of 2019.

Shawendaasowin Family Services

Naotkamegwanning First Nation
(Naotkamegwanning, NWA 33 First Nations)
Ph: (807) 226-2844

This agency provides Protection, Prevention, Investigation and Assessment and Caregiver services to members of Naotkamegwanning First Nation. Also it provides Protection services to its neighbor community, Northwest Angle #33 First Nation.

Recently Naotkamegwanning First Nation entered into a new phase with their child welfare program. They are in the process of developing their child caring system pursuant to the Abinoojii Anakonigewin. This Code will become the child welfare law for their community. An Anishinabek lawyer is assisting Shawendaasowin and First Nation to define their Code.

Shawendasowin made a submission to Jordan’s Principle and to their delight it was approved. This funding will enable them to expand their current services.

Wabaseemoong Child Welfare Authority

Wabaseemoong Independent Nation
Ph: (807) 927-2222, ext 296

This agency provides Protection, Prevention and Caregiver services to its three communities, Islington, Swan Lake and One Man Lake. From 2003 Wabaseemoong Independent Nation initially received prevention services from us and protection services in 2005. In September, 2011 we and Wabaseemoong entered into a Service Agreement which gave over daily management of Protection, Prevention and Caregiver programs to WCWA. The development of the Customary Care Code commenced in 2011 after it received endorsement by the Treaty #3 Chiefs at a National Assembly. Several consultations occurred with its community members and in 2017 it was codified at a special meeting of the community. MP Bob Nault was in attendance for the ceremony. Below Wabaseemoong Independant Nations Customary Care Code Functions Chart which show the governance structure. This Code, once enacted will become the Customary Care Law for Wabaseemoong pursuant to Abinoojii Inakonigewin.

To date, much work has been accomplished to build the foundation for the Code by drafting Service, Training, Finance manuals and five Year Strategic Plan, and the staff have received training on the manuals. The agency’s Mission Statement is “Under the guidance of the Little White Turtle, WCWA strives to provide exceptional services to children and families through our traditions, culture, values and language”