Executive Office

Vacant, Executive Director
Dennis Petiquan, Acting Executive Director/Associate Director
Beverly Williamson, Director of Social Strategic Planning and Policy
Teresa Schramm, Social Planner
Alexandra Paul, Communications Officer
Anne Perrault, Executive Secretary

Finance, Administration & Human Resources

Dheeraj Sharma, Director of Finance and Administration
Tamara Murphy, Acting Manager of Human Resources
Wayne Morris, Finance Controller
Todd Madison, Systems Manager

Child Welfare Services

Sean Spencer, Director of Services
Carolyn Sinclair, Director of Services

Kenora and Area Team:
Doreen Parmeter, Manager

Dryden Team:
Danielle Chartrand, Manager

Alternative Care Team:
Sandy Carlson, Manager

Intake and Assessments:
Roberta Cantin, Manager

Cultural Services

Clarence White, Cultural Coordinator
Joyce White, Cultural Services Specialist

Niigonikaapaawiitang Nanadamowin Counselling Services

Randy White, Resource Manager
Shalon Adams, Counselor
Lorna Henry, Counselor
Lisa Kooshet, Counselor (Dryden)
Catherine Hutchison, Counselor (Dryden)

Services Transferred to the Communities

Shawendaasowin Child and Family Services, Theresa Roseborough, Director of Services
Wabaseemoong Child Welfare Authority, Adolphus Cameron, Executive Director
Kitapinoonjiiminaanik Family Services, Rene White, Director of Services

Family Prevention Services

Sylvia Pahpasay-Wapioke, Director of Prevention and Family Preservation Services
Preston Copenace, A/Resource Manager, West
Robert Gardner, A/Resource Manager, East