Treaty 3 territory is divided into north and south, for service provision.  We provide services to the 14 communities in the north, while Weechiittewin Family Services provides service to the 14 in the south.

While Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services remains the “parent” organization through a provincial mandate to provide child welfare and prevention services to 14 First Nations in Treaty 3 north, we have transferred (devolved) resources of day to day services to community care and responsibility, through Service Agreements, in the following instances:

Shawendaasowin Child and Family Services

Protection services for band members in Naotkamegwanning and Northwest Angle #33 First Nations and Prevention services for Naotkamegwanning only

1008 Baibombeh Road, PAWITIK, ON   P0X 1L0        Phone: 807-226-2844    Fax: 807-226-2845

Director of Services: Theresa Roseborough

Wabaseemoong Child Welfare Authority

Protection/Prevention services for band members of Wabaseemoong Independant Nation

General Delivery, WHITEDOG, ON   P0X iP0         Phone Whitedog office: 807-927-2222   Fax: 807-927-2045

Executive Director: Adolphus Cameron

Kitapinoonjiiminaanik Family Services

Protection/Prevention services for band members of Grassy Narrows First Nation

c/0 12 Main St South, KENORA, ON    P9N 1S7       Phone: 807-468-8238           Fax 807-468-7960

Director of Services: Theresa Stevens

Niisaachewan Anishinabe Nation

Prevention services for their band members

R.R. #1, Dalles Road, KENORA, ON    P9N 3W7       Phone: 807-548-5876


Prevention services for their band members in Kejick Bay, Frenchmen’s Head and Whitefish Bay

General Delivery, HUDSON, ON   Phone: 807-582-3805/9610       Fax: 807-582-9883/582-9661

Iskatewizaagegaan #39 Independant Nation

Prevention services for their band members

Box 1, SHOAL LAKE, ON   Phone: 807-733-2560      Fax: 807-733-3653

Wabauskang First Nation

Prevention services for their band members

PO Box 339, EAR FALLS, ON   P0V 1T0   Phone:  807-529-3174   Fax: 807-529-3007

Protection Services provided by AAFS to the following communities:

  • Migisi Sahgaigan, Wabigoon Lake and Wabauskang First Nations by our Dryden based office staff
  • Robert Gardner Sr., Resource Manager     Phone: 807-223-4953     Fax: 807-223-8636

Prevention Services provided by AAFS staff to the following communities:

  • Wauzhushk Onigum Nation,                   Phone: 807-548-5663
  • Migisi Sahgaigan First Nation,                Phone: 807-755-1586
  • Animakee Wa Zhing #37 First Nation,   Phone: 807-226-1170
  • Northwest Angle #33 First Nation,         Phone: 807-226-9926
  • Shoal Lake #40 First Nation,                   Phone: 807-733-9925
  • Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation,             Phone: 807-938-2313
  • Obashkaandagaang Ojibway Nation       Phone: 807-543-2532