Our Mission is to protect Anishinabe Abinoojii* and to support the healing, well-being and strengthening of families through Abinoojii Inakonigewin, to achieve the preservation of families.           


Our Values are  the way we live, all together in unity for the good life


Our Vision is guided through our Sacred Teachings

  • Bravery/Courage - zoongide'iwin
  • Wisdom - niibwaakaawin
  • Respect - maanaaji'itiwin
  • Truth - debwewin
  • Honesty - gwekwaatiziwin, gaangiinaaweshkisii
  • Love - Zhaawenjigewin
  • Humility - dibaasendendiwin

Gizhe aatiziwin

to practice the sacred Teachings in respect of natural law

to practise quality and fairness

to be caring

to have respect for life

to honour our community


 (*) Anishinabe Abinoojii means Anishinabe children